Ways to save money when going to the Cinema

If you go to the cinema you can end up spending a lot more money than you may have intended. There are so many things that you can potentially pay for which will mean that the cost really adds up. There are ways that you can reduce those costs though.

Cheap Films

There are some days when films can be cheaper in some cinemas. This could be during the day or on certain days of the week. It is worth taking a look to see whether you can get a bargain. There are sometimes kids clubs where they are shown older films at a fraction of the cost which can be great for families that just want the fun of going to the cinema without being too fussy about what they watch. There may also be student discounts and OAP discounts so if either of these may apply to you, then it is worth looking into it more. Obviously deals and savings will vary between different cinema chains so if you have several of them locally, then compare them so that you can find the best deals for you.

Release Dates

It is really wise to look at film release dates before planning your visit. If you are choosing to watch a film that has been on at the cinema for a while, then it could be due out on DVD soon and it may be better to buy it than watch it at the cinema. You may also find that early screening could be dearer so check the prices carefully and decide whether, if it is more money, you want to wait and pay less if you see it at a later date.

Don’t Buy Extras or set a budget for them

When you arrive at the cinema you will find that there will be all sorts of things that you can buy. There will be likely to be sweets, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, coffees and ice-creams available for you to buy. Many cinemas do not let you bring in your own food and so you have to buy what is there or go without. However, some people do take their own things, but it is up to you as to whether you feel this is acceptable or not or whether you want to risk it. If you do want to buy some food items while you are there, then it can be wise to set a budget. Think about how much you want to spend in total and restrict yourself. Remember you may want things on the way out as well as in and so you may have to save some money to pay for this.

Consider parking costs

If the cinema is in a town centre then it could be really expensive to park. It is worth calculating whether it is possible to walk or to use public transport to save money. If it is cheaper or only possible to drive then compare the costs of the different car parks beforehand so you know which will be the best one for you to choose.

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