Top 5 Disney Animated Movies

There are so many Disney movies to choose from and they all have different things that appeal. However, here is our top pick of five Disney movies which all have different strengths. If you have not seen all of them, then it is recommended that you choose one when you are next in the mood for watching a Disney animation.


Many people are probably sick of hearing about Frozen and see the themed things in the shops. However, the movie itself is well worth watching. The main storyline revolves around two sisters and it is a love story but much more modern than many Disney movies. It shows the importance of family relationships and how love between sisters can never be broken or challenged. It is something that anyone with a sibling and multiple children will enjoy and understand. It almost makes you feel that any family rift could be mended which gives a lovely warm feeling.


Although the storyline; that a girl in difficult circumstances will get to meet her Prince Charming is rather old fashioned; it still appeals to many. The fact that it shows that good girls do get what they deserve is rather heartening. I think it can be a lesson to all ages, that you should not just settle in life for someone that will have you but you can get the one if you try hard enough as even the most unlikely couples can make it work.


Aladdin is still a love story but it is more appealing to boys because of the male characters being so strong in it. There are exciting scenes as well which will appeal to boys, unlike some of the Disney films which are very much more girly in their themes The songs are also really good compared to many of the other films. This means that if it is the music that you enjoy in a Disney film, then this is one that you are likely to enjoy.

Beauty and the Beast

What is lovely about this story is that it shows that it does not matter what someone looks like, but you can fall in love with them for the person inside. This is such an important thing for everyone to understand, that external beauty is not so important but finding a partner that loves and cares for you and that have a personality that you like is much better. There are still so many of us that judge by appearances before we get to know someone and therefore it is important to make sure that this does not happen.


This is such a classic Disney film it has to be included in the list. It is a film that people refer to a lot and so it is important to know what it is about. It is a lovely tale of friendship and beautifully made. It stands the test of time as well, so being an old classic does not make it seem dated.

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