How to decide what to watch at the Cinema

Going to the cinema can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can be hard to decide what film to watch. You may only go when there is a specific film on that you want to see but you may just decide to go and then decide on the film. In this situation it could be tricky knowing which film might be the best for you to watch.


We all prefer certain genre over others. We may like comedies and dramas or actions and thrillers. Some people like all types of film and others only like certain types. It is therefore worth finding out what sort of film those of you that are planning to go to the cinema like and then checking out what films that are showing fit in with that. Some films may cross several genre but others may just be very specifically in one category.


It is worth reading some reviews of the films that you are choosing from. You will be able to find out what the film is about as well as what other people think of it. This can help you to decide which one looks the best. It is important though, to read it keeping in mind what sorts of films you usually enjoy. As it may have great reviews but still not be a film that you will enjoy.


If you have favourite actors or actresses then their presence in a film could make you decide that it is worth watching. Therefore you may pick a film based on this even if it is not the sort of film that you would normally pick. However, it is wise to also check that there are not any actors or actresses in the film that you do not like as they could potentially spoil the film for you. Sometimes people find that a particular face or voice will really put them off.


It is always worth checking the price before you choose a film. There may be some that are more expensive than others, perhaps due to them being previewed or being shown at peak times. So make sure that you are aware of the cost before you decide whether you will watch it or not. Usually films tend to be the same price, but it is worth considering whether you can wait until it comes out on the TV and not pay to see it at all. You may have to wait a few years though.


It can be worth finding out how popular a film is. If all of your friends have seen a film that you haven’t, then they may all be talking about it and you may feel left out of things. Therefore, it could be wise to go and see it so that you can join in with them. However, if they are all saying that it is not very good, then it could be a better idea to avoid watching it altogether!

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