Top 5 Disney Animated Movies

There are so many Disney movies to choose from and they all have different things that appeal. However, here is our top pick of five Disney movies which all have different strengths. If you have not seen all of them, then it is recommended that you choose one when you are next in the mood for watching a Disney animation.


Many people are probably sick of hearing about Frozen and see the themed things in the shops. However, the movie itself is well worth watching. The main storyline revolves around two sisters and it is a love story but much more modern than many Disney movies. It shows the importance of family relationships and how love between sisters can never be broken or challenged. It is something that anyone with a sibling and multiple children will enjoy and understand. It almost makes you feel that any family rift could be mended which gives a lovely warm feeling. Continue reading “Top 5 Disney Animated Movies”

How to pick a good Family Film

If you are going to the cinema with the family, it can sometimes be difficult to pick a film that will suit everyone. You may all like different things or you may be worried about how suitable the film might be for certain family members. There are some things that you can do though to make the choice easier.


The film rating will allow you to judge what age groups it is deemed appropriate for. A U is unclassified and is suitable for anyone. A PG has some scenes which may be only suitable for older children and the children have to be with parents when watching it. Lately the rating has an explanation of what in the film made it need that rating and it is useful to read that so that you know whether those things matter. If you have a child sensitive to violence then this could be something you look for, for example. The other ratings are ages which children have to be before they are allowed to view a film and they are 12, 15 and 18. These are quite definite categories but some children may be more sensitive than others and a specific rating may still not be suitable for them even if they have reached that age. Continue reading “How to pick a good Family Film”