Ways to save money when going to the Cinema

If you go to the cinema you can end up spending a lot more money than you may have intended. There are so many things that you can potentially pay for which will mean that the cost really adds up. There are ways that you can reduce those costs though.

Cheap Films

There are some days when films can be cheaper in some cinemas. This could be during the day or on certain days of the week. It is worth taking a look to see whether you can get a bargain. There are sometimes kids clubs where they are shown older films at a fraction of the cost which can be great for families that just want the fun of going to the cinema without being too fussy about what they watch. There may also be student discounts and OAP discounts so if either of these may apply to you, then it is worth looking into it more. Obviously deals and savings will vary between different cinema chains so if you have several of them locally, then compare them so that you can find the best deals for you. Continue reading “Ways to save money when going to the Cinema”

How to decide what to watch at the Cinema

Going to the cinema can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can be hard to decide what film to watch. You may only go when there is a specific film on that you want to see but you may just decide to go and then decide on the film. In this situation it could be tricky knowing which film might be the best for you to watch.


We all prefer certain genre over others. We may like comedies and dramas or actions and thrillers. Some people like all types of film and others only like certain types. It is therefore worth finding out what sort of film those of you that are planning to go to the cinema like and then checking out what films that are showing fit in with that. Some films may cross several genre but others may just be very specifically in one category. Continue reading “How to decide what to watch at the Cinema”